Our approach is daringly comprehensive.

When it comes to Blackbaud CRM, we believe big ideas are good, but being able to deliver them is better — way better.

 Every nonprofit organization faces unique challenges, so we believe you shouldn’t be held hostage to out-of-the-box technology solutions. At Omatic, we work tirelessly with our clients to design, develop, test, deploy and maintain customized solutions that optimize your CRM experience.

Welcome to the no compromise enterprise...

- Lisa Hukill, Boys Town Associate Vice President of Development

"Thanks to Omatic’s integration for Blackbaud CRM, we are now able to process the millions of pieces of mail we receive annually with donations. This automated solution has expedited the follow-up process, thereby increasing donor affinity which allows for a greater stewardship plan. It would not be possible otherwise."

Tailored customizations 

If you’re struggling to find a solution that meets your organization’s unique Blackbaud CRM needs, then look no further. Our experts are here to help you make the very most of your Blackbaud CRM, weighing both your business requirements and technical considerations. Say hello to customized solutions and goodbye to inefficient workarounds.

Omatic provides overall guidance, best-practices, and project management to make your Blackbaud CRM upgrades easier. We’ll assist with technical and functional testing of patches, service packs, and major releases.

Upgrade support and consultation

Custom reporting, formats, and output

Let our team build targeted reports tailored to specific audiences that align with custom organizational metrics. We also have the ability to build reports in a variety of formats and delivery methods from print to web and everything in between. We can also help you effectively leverage SQL-Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Project management and support for new and existing projects

At Omatic, we provide unparalleled support to existing project management resources, and assist with overall project management activities. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and take ownership of project planning, project monitoring, project milestones, project reporting, and deliverable review and acceptance.

Customization development approach and protocols 

Let us use our adept methodology to help add rigor and consistency to customizations that you develop. Omatic’s software development lifecycle takes into account both CRM-specific and industry-wide best practices while creating repeatable deployment processes for updating test and production environments, both safely and consistently–again and again.

Hosting and environment management consulting 

We can assist with configuring and deploying both new and existing CRM application instances and hosting, while providing expert guidance on securing and optimizing CRM hosting environments. We can also provide guidance and support for organizations evaluating new CRM hosting providers.

Software Development Kit (SDK) Training 

As Blackbaud technology partners, we’re uniquely positioned to train your developers and report writers on all Blackbaud CRM SDK tools and processes. That means we can provide valuable guidance on approach and best practices for creating and developing your CRM customizations that others can’t.

At Omatic, we offer a unique breadth of data integration solutions:

Let our team help you define processes and develop custom routines to move complex data into CRM, out of CRM, or both.

Seamless custom interfaces

We’ll help get your data where it needs to go. We can also help standardize, cleanse, transform, and de-duplicate data migrating between systems, and assist with developing conversion plans, including establishing milestones and defining test and validation processes.

Easier migrations

Cleaning and standardizing data is vital for a successful merge of multiples systems into Blackbaud CRM. Our consolidation team oversees every detail to ensure your consolidation process is seamless.

Clean and efficient consolidations

Does your organization have chapters, affiliates, or multiple sites? Let our data management experts ensure that your data is converted seamlessly with each affiliate or site having proper access.

Multi-site integration services

Stop compromising and start leveraging the entire breadth and power of your Blackbaud CRM platform. Schedule a no-strings attached consultation today.

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