Faster. Cleaner. Automated.

There's no better way to get data in and out of Raiser's Edge.

Introducing ImportOmatic 3.0 — data integration so advanced, you’ll be done in no time! Whether you want to approve every change or set up a scheduled nightly import, ImportOmatic redefines “efficient” with baked-in intelligence that delivers clean data, smart profiles for tailored processing, and new connectors that make Raiser's Edge talk directly with your other systems. It’s time to spend less time manipulating your data and more time leveraging it.

No more keying in of data.

And no more duplicates.

No more workarounds.

Transform your data  and your workflow.

Import and export data from any source quickly and easily.

Save time—and lots of it—by cleaning  and standardizing your data as you move it into Raiser’s Edge. 

ImportOmatic Connectors™ make it  possible to move data to and from 3rd party tools like Mailchimp, Classy, and DonorDrive—in a single step! No spreadsheet required!

Your data, your rules.

Ready to automate, again and again.

Want it faster?

"ImportOmatic has completely revolutionized the work of our advancement services team. By moving from a manual data entry process to this automated system, work that used to take multiple employees two full weeks to complete can now be accomplished in less than a day. This improved efficiency has enabled us to focus more attention on strategic projects, and we look forward to continuing to capitalize on our enhanced productivity with the help of this technology."

CJ Drymon  |  Director of Advancement Services  |  The Westminster Schools

Unparalleled functionality and value. That's why thousands of leading nonprofits trust their data to ImportOmatic.

The ImportOmatic Difference

ImportOmatic vs. Standard Raiser's Edge Import?

ImportOmatic gives you data integration so advanced, you'll be done in no time.

Think of it as better, faster, better.

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